There’s never a time when our Maryvale wrestling team disappoints and this season these wrestlers demonstrated a great capacity that led to many of their victories. This sport is considered to have extreme, possibly painful training and the toughest mind stretches that have helped each wrestler improve individually and grow together as a team.

Maryvale hosted the 20 Team Metro Invitational Tournament December 16, 2016, where they were able to win second place as a team. In addition, many of the wrestlers also placed in the top positions at this tournament. At 170lbs, Tony Cobian and Luis Martinez at 182lbs, ended up in first place. In fourth place was Christian Alvarado and Antonio Perez. Francisco Moreno and Arturo Rodriguez ended up in fifth place and last but not least Thomas Hawkins was capable to making it to sixth place. It was a triumph for the team overall and being capable of having wrestlers individually place in the top six, with twenty schools competing, demonstrated all their physical and mental capabilities. All their preparation during the season and off the season led to several praiseworthy results in the end of it all.

Captain Tony Cobian explains how wrestling differs from other sports and how he personally prepares for his season. “It’s an individual sport, the constant battling with your opponent for six minutes and the responsibility of maintaining your weight.” Tony, like many of the wrestlers, makes sure to receive all the preparation he needs in order to have a successful season. “The techniques I use to cut weight are wearing sweaters and sweats while I practice and run extra at home. It feels annoying doing this because it is exhausting due to the constant heat and sweat.”

Wednesday, January 25th was an emotional night for many of the Maryvale wrestlers who celebrated their senior night and last home match. Coach Rowe personally congratulated each and every one of his senior wrestlers whether they were on the JV team or varsity. The parents/guardians of these students attended and one could see how proud they were of the hard working children that were a part of this team that they considered their second family. Schools like Cesar Chavez, Central and our very own rivals, the Trevor Browne bruins attended this match and the team more than ever demonstrated an immense effort.

The team practices year round meaning their off-season is very short and they hardly ever stop working hard. In order to succeed during the season, the wrestlers say they must first stay in shape and for many, they must cut weight. Being ready for the season takes time and dedication which is what the team has had over the past years. When asked what he thinks of the sport Leopoldo Saldana answers, “I just think of it as a way to leave everything behind where all my other worries are left behind and I am only focusing on the task I have right in front of me. During the match, we’re both equal, same weight, same goal and it just comes to who wants it more.”