We Just Have Accept It:

Although you may not be driving a fire shooting supra or a 5 second Gt-R, pride is still something you should have in your car. Of course everyone dreams about cruising down the street in a Ferrari 458 Italia or racing up the highway in a Lamborghini sesto elemento, but for now we will stick to reality. For all you know, you may even be driving a sleeper and you wouldn’t even know it. Many of the people on the road aren’t aware of the power their car can produce with simple modifications. Whether it’s torque or horse power, there are various little adjustments and additional parts you can install which could change the performance of your car immensely.

Just as much as you do, your car also has to breath. On the contrary to many beliefs, a big exhaust pipe does not increase performance, but it will make your car sound like its farting. Everyone knows the loud annoying cars who prove to us that noise does not mean speed much too well. In order to get performance you have to have balance with the amount of air going into your car, and the amount going out. Sure a big air intake may help you, but what good is taking in all the air without being able to push it back out. The best way to go when installing an exhaust system is to keep the piping the same dimensions from the headers to the exhaust tips. Another good thing to do if you will increase the amount of air going in to the engine by adding a cold-air intake, increasing the amount going out should also be done. Increasing the air going out can be acquired with an increase in pipe size. There are also many different aftermarket exhaust types which can help increase the amount of performance compared to your stock exhaust. performance wont be the only thing you will get out of your exhaust either, you can even create adjustments and achieve the roar you’ve wanted to hear from your car. Another simple but slightly more expensive modification you can do is a computer tune or an ECU computer chip. Although the ECU chip can provide more performance, an actual tune to the cars computer would be more efficient helping your engine out out the max amount of power it can. While you begin to add parts and increase performance its good to keep in mind that your car will be increasing in pressure, heat, and wear which means you may want to upgrade your stock parts suck as spark plugs, injectors, and wires to performance parts. taking in mind that the engine heat will increase it is crucial to improve the cooling system. The biggest improvement to the cooling system will come from an intercooler and an upgrade in the cooling systems piping. If you’re planning on increasing your speed, you might want to be able to handle the car with a few upgrades. The first and most simple improvement to your handling is installing a strut tower balance, also known as a strut bar. This doesn’t really help with the increase of speed but rather the feel of the car. Some other things you might want to upgrade include a new set of tires and wheels, shock absorbers, bushings, and brake systems. Also, while improving your suspension and steering, you can also achieve a good “stance” and improve the look of your car. Keep in mind that looks are not always the first thing to do but will bring the attention to your car, unless you’re planning to go with the “sleeper” kind of look.