By Nhi Cat Dinh

David Micheal Jerilong and Jeannette Melendez Palma starring in PLEASE Say Yes! Speaks about their expectations for their upcoming play, their roles, and the scene they’re together in.

Interviewer: What motivated you both to audition for the play?
David: Since it was my senior year, I wanted to end off on a good note.
Jeannette: It’s been a year since I’ve been in a play, so I was excited to audition for another play.

Interviewer: What does the play mean to you both?
David: Prom is such an important event for teens, it’s the one night that we look forward to during our high school lives. Therefore, in terms of the plays, it allows myself and others to feel what others go through before their prom.
Jeannette: It’s cute because since we are highschoolers, prom is considered to be one of the most important times of our lives. So this play is meaningful to me because I never really considered prom until I started doing the play.

Interviewer: Are you both in a scene together?
David: Yes, two scenes.

Interviewer: What scenes are you doing? What is it about?
Jeannette: Not to give much away, but the scenes that we both are doing is a sad and sentimental scene shared between a couple, however we are also in a group scene that is like a basic high school love story. It’s cute and quirky.

Interviewer: Is it true that both of you are in a relationship together outside of the play? And when?
David: Yes, it is true. December 5th.

Interviewer: Did you both audition for roles that specifically placed you both together?
Jeannette: Not necessarily, we had the roles assigned to us afterwards. It was an open audition.

Interviewer: Does your relationship help you with your roles?
David: Yes because when building our relationship, we went through similar struggles that the characters in the play went through and it helps make the scene more realistic.

Interviewer: Does your relationship get in the way sometimes?
David: No because she’s very persuasive.
Jeannette: No, I don’t think so.

Interviewer: Have you been in other plays together? What plays?
David: Yes, Novio Boy.
Jeannette: Yes, but not in other love scenes.

Interviewer: Are you planning to audition for more plays together?
Jeannette: We are planning to audition but not as a mutual couple.
David: I want to audition for more plays, but I’m not sure if we’ll do it together.

Interviewer: What do you look forward to?
David: I look forward to just performing. It’s a great scene, I hope everyone enjoys it.
Jeannette: I look forward to the audience energy.

Interviewer: One last question, are you excited for the play?
David: Yes, I’m glad to finish my last play with someone special.
Jeannette: Yes, it’s my first play after a year afterall.