The Seattle Seahawks eliminated the Lions in the 1st round in the playoffs. The score was 26-6.  Now the Seattle Seahawks are  in the NFC Semi Finals against the Atalanta Falcons in the semi finals. The Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants with a score of 38-13.  The Green Bay Packers are now moving to the NFC semi finals against the Dallas Cowboys in the semi finals.The Houston Texans beat the Oakland Raiders. The score was 27-14 now and the Houston Texans are moving to the AFC semi finals against the New England Patriots in the AFC semi finals.  The .Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins and they will face  the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC semi finals.

My prediction for who’s going to make it to the NFC  finals is Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys and the Seahawks are going to beat the Cowboys and move on to Super Bowl 51.My prediction for  the AFC finals is the new England Patriots vs Kansas Chiefs and the Patriots are going to beat the Chiefs and move on to  Super Bowl 51. I think it’s going to be Seahawks vs Patriots in the Super Bowl 51.

My opinion why the sSeahawks are going to the Super Bowl is because the Seahawks have a strong defense and offense and their staff do a good job to make the Seahawks a strong team. I believe that the  New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl  because they have one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history and his name is Tom Brady.He has been explosive in the past 13 games and he has only lost one game.The New England Patriots offense and defense are strong and smart that’s why they have the best record in the NFL right now and last time they had a perfect season 17-0.