Do want go into the law enforcement in the future? Want to know how police operation work? or is Its it simply your just interested in everything?  Well then the explorer program is just for you. It a program meant just for anyone to have a great time and learn teach students for a possible career in law enforcement if they want.

As an explorer in this program you will:

  • Participants receive career training in law enforcement including patrol procedures, first aid, laws of arrest and may even go on a ride-along with a patrol officer
  •  Participants receive leadership and personal fitness training such as weight lifting, academy obstacle course and running
  • Participants are invited to social activities such as out-of-state trips, sporting events, backpacking, hiking and camping adventures
  • And last but definitely not least, participants provide community services and participate in local, regional, and national competition

Want to know more about the explorer program…There will be more information given to you at the pit during both lunches today.

This is a great opportunity to go into something with a friend(s) that can be a fun and active. Even if you join by yourself, you’re sure to make some friends that are interested in the same career or activity as you are.  So go out and have fun. Do something you never imagine you joining. You wont regret it.