As the Christmas spirit begins to fill the streets and the Christmas products take over the stores some people begin to look for events to take part in to bring about the joy of Christmas. Although it may not be as easy find snow to play around in, there are many events which can make up for the absence of it in the state of Arizona. Below are a few of the many events which you can take part in to create an  amazing experience this Christmas season.

Glendale Glitters:

Every year on the weekend after thanksgiving there are millions of lights set up to create a wonderful experience for people in which they are welcomed with the artistic sights. Every Friday and Saturday night there are events held such as concerts, foods, and horse carriage rides. Even if you aren’t able to attend the events, the sight is an amazing one to gaze upon. The final event held in January is the “Glitter and Glow Block Party” which will feature live music, foods, and a sight of hot air balloons stationed in the skies around the area.

City Skate Ice Rink:


Ballet Arizona's The Nutcracker

If walking, skating, and riding camels aren’t really your thing, than sitting and watching an amazing performance is sure to catch your interest. The Nutcracker is a ballet performance in which over 150 performers invite you to experience an event which is known across the nation. This event happens once every year but there are also other events which occur along the month which include festivals, holiday brunch, and holiday shopping. The Nutcracker is a story told about a girl named Clara and her magical Nutcracker Prince which is portrayed in a beautiful costume and symphony filled act. The production is under the direction of Ib Anderson who is well known for his astonishing productions.