Maryvale Highschool will be holding another wonderful spirit week the 5th through the 9th of December starting this Monday. Monday December 5th will be Pajama day and for this weather this will be perfect clothing and it will for sure keep you warm and cozy all day.Tuesday December 6th is cozy flannel day and this again is basically another day where you get to be spirited and at the same time keep your upper body warm all day and  also look well.Wednesday December 7th is Holiday colors day or better known as class colors.This day is dedicated to see who is more spirited,will it be the upper class (seniors and juniors) who will be wearing red or will it be the lower class(sophomores and freshman) who will wear green.The next day Thursday the 8th will be “But Grandma” day  and on  this day we will be wearing a sweater but not just any sweater or jacket, oh no,you will wear the ugliest sweater in your closet that you have.Last but not least Friday December the 9th will be Snow Day and this means there is going to be a white out and Maryvale Highschool and you will wear all white from head to toe but still follow dress code same rules apply.I cant wait to see all of you out there being spirited and have a fun week.