Many people believe that marijuana is just bad . Well , it’s not as bad as people say . Marijuana can be helpful with many other things like seizures ,it also stops cancer from spreading , it may decrease anxiety, and it keeps you skinny .
Marijuana can reduce seizures for those who have a disorder known as Dravet’s Syndrome . A five year girl that has Dravert’s syndrome has been using medical marijuana to reduce her seizure and development delays . The little five year seizures have decreased from to 3oo each week to 1 every seven days .
According to 23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana , marijuana stops cancer from spreading. It doesn’t cure cancer but , it stops cancer from spreading which is something good . Cancer till this day has no cure but , maybe marijuana may be an answer for many people who have cancer .
Many people ho suffer from anxiety may have found an answer to reduce anxiety . Marijuana may reduce anxiety . Due to the fact that smoking marijuana calms you nerve system making you calm and stress free . Many doctors have offered it to many patients to reduce their anxiety . Doctors also recommend it to patients who suffer from pain in their body .
For all those people trying to be skinny but , are tired of working out marijuana can be a solution . People who use marijuana are usually more skinnier than a person who doesn’t use marijuana . Marijuana helps your metabolism due to the after effects of being ‘high’ .
Marijuana after all isn’t as bad as people say it is . It can help with many medical problems . weight loss and for cancer patients who are trying to stop cancer . Cancer is deadly to those who have it . The question is would you use marijuana if you had a problem ?