Interesting Facts:

After the introduction of the Mitsubishi HSR and Mitsubishi HSX as concept cars in the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, Manufactures at Mitsubishi produced a new car known as the “GTO” which was later re-named as the 3000GT. The “GTO”  was made to compete with other very known and admired cars which included the Honda NSX, Mazda Cosmo, Nissan 300ZX, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Suburu SVX, and the Toyota Supra. The Dodge Stealth edition was also later went on to be used as the pace car for the 1991 Indianapolis 500 race but was however rejected.

Over the years Mitsubishi has come out with various cars which have been known as legends in the automotive world. The most known car manufactured by Mitsubishi would be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Some of the other well known cars produced by Mitsubishi include the Eclipse and Gallant. Among one of the very rare yet very competitive cars that live up to their names. The Mitsubishi 3000 gt came in many versions such as the base model, the SL model, and finally the powerful VR-4 model each with their own generations. The base model was a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine producing 161 hp and 185 lbs of torque. The SL model was also a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine producing 218 hp and 205 lbs of torque. However the VR-4 model was a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine producing an immense amount of 320 hp and 315 lbs or torque. The Mitsubishi 3000 gt, also referred to as the “GTO”, was released in 1991 with later models up until 1999. Another form of the car was created by Chrysler and Mitsubishi called the Dodge Stealth which had a few minor appearance changes but were mechanically engineered to look identical.

As the newer models were produced, new features were added and some older ones were discontinued. The first generation of the 3000 gt was equipped with performance features such as full-time four wheel drive, four wheel steering, electronically controlled suspension, sport/tour exhaust modes, and active aerodynamic front and rear spoiler. Some unique appearance features on the first generation included the pop-up headlamps, caps on the hood, the wheels were only 17” wheels which later changed, and it was also equipped with black ripple plates on the sides of the license plate. The first generation was produced from 3 years beginning in 1990 all the way up to 1993. The first generation was often critiqued by many people as not looking as good as it should. Mitsubishi later took their opinion into consideration and added  a few modifications to the vehicle.

In 1994 the second generation of the 3000 gt was released to the public as a re-creation of the car. Mechanically the cars were identical except for a slight increase in torque from the original 307 lbs to 315 lbs in the twin-turbo engines. All of the other engines also received a slight boost increase which varied depending on the engine. Most of  the modifications from the first generation to the second were cosmetic. The first and most noticeable change to the vehicle was the front bumper. The front bumper was changed to a lighter and more modern style to accommodate the new headlight style which was no longer pop-up style. Another new feature added to the front end were the small round fog lights which replaced the old square shaped lights. The hood was also reconstructed with blisters which replaced the caps for the ECS. The rear bumper was changed with a new style and the riplles on the bumper were extracted. The interior of the car also received changes including dual air bags and a new audio system.

In 1998, the third and finally generation of the 3000gt was released and was produced until the year of 200. In this generation, the only engine related difference was that they produced a SOHC engine instead of only the DOHC which the previous years had with the exception of the Dodge Stealth edition. For the 3000gt it seemed as if its end was near so manufactures decided to give it yet another change in style with various changes to the body. First they added a new and more aggressive looking front bumper, with new headlamps, and new turning signal lights. The side sail panels also received a makeover and were given a new style. One of the biggest changed was the new inverted spoiler which was called the “Combat Wing” which allowed it to easily be told apart from the previous models.



Although the 3000GT is labeled as a mod friendly car,  many people say they are satisfied with the stock power produced by the vehicle. Being equipped with a twin turbo and twin inter-cooler system backed up by the AWD the car itself  can produce an immense amount of power. But of course there are my kind of people which can agree that stock power is never enough. If the money and time available many people would recommend you do up your power.  Although the looks on the 3000gt are already a fascinating view to look at there is always room for improvement. If you are satisfied with the power in the car and working on the looks is what you’re aiming at some of the things that could really change the looks and gain its attention include a new set of wheels, new headlights, a new hood, and updating the interior of the car with things such as a aftermarket stereo, a nice pair of seats, and even up updating to more modern style dashboard. If you want to take it even further, you can even convert it into many other styled cars as it already has many adjustable body features.