Maryvale High school “seniors” have some good written advice to the “freshman” students. These advises can be life saving, because they all been freshman’s before and they meant of pass though the same thing your probably going though, so take advantage of this advises or either make your freshman school year even more harder. Here is one that truly inform you all you got to know about freshman year, “Dear incoming freshman, Welcome to Maryvale High School! Here you will experience some amazing memories and create many relationships. Freshman year can pass really quickly and it can definitely be the easiest year of high school. My freshman year was definitely a fun year, but i do wish someone would have informed me about high school. The most important thing i wish i took to heart was the importance of my education. My advice would be listen to your teachers! They know what there talking about when they tell you to maintain good grades. Your GPA determines your college future! One other thing, do not procrastinate on anything! Seriously, it gets hard to  catch up again. I hope all you have a great year and i hope you all enjoy your four years being Maryvale Panthers!” Let me tell you this advice is guarantee to make your freshman year easier.