Acrophobia is the fear of heights which as you may already know is one of the top fears in the U.S. along with spiders, dogs, and the dark. Eventually people take a big step in their lives and overcome their fears. One place which you can go to overcome your fear of heights is a place that i visited this weekend. Bungee jumping is not something that anyone would take part in but at the AZ state fair, there are various amount of people which take on this challenge. I was one of the many people  who took part in the 130 feet high jump. As you may know, the state fair only comes around once a year so it was a “now or never” type of moment.

As I was guided towards the bungee all that i thought to myself was “why did I go through with this?” Yet i felt the pride and knew the challenge I was about to accomplish. First they sit you down and strap you down with harness and ropes all around to improve the feeling of safety. As we moved up and saw the ground which provided the sense of security move further and further away i began to panic on the inside. Of course, being a male, I had to give off the image of bravery and hold back my fear. as i took the last steps towards the ledge of the platform and the instructor began to count down from three  began to hear my heart beat grow louder and louder. “Three,” I looked down and swallowed at the sight of the drop which awaited me. “Two,” I took a deep breath and braced myself. “One, jump,” I slowly let go off the platform and allowed myself to lean forward into a steep drop. In the first two seconds of the drop, you are filled with fear but after you feel the amaze and joy of the drop. After you’ve dropped and come back up for the rebound, the emotion of fear gets overthrown by the emotions of butterflies in your stomach and the pride of going through with a task not many people can say they have. At the end of the night, it was only another accomplishment which I could take pride in. As someone once said “I’d rather live a life of oh wells than a life of what ifs.”