Females, do you ever wonder what’s so intriguing about showing your shoulders when it comes to school dress code? Males, why does society impose you to be the “gentleman” and always pay for a girl? If both genders don’t follow these standards, they are categorized as either “inappropriate” or “jerks”. Society has set these standards for us to follow but some aren’t even rules that are required to go by. School dress code, on the other hand, are rules set by the district that limit the clothing their students are allowed to wear to school. Other than that, standards are set to judge people and their way of being. As individuals, we feel like we aren’t able to do what we want because these standards might not be fair within certain groups. Gender plays as a huge factor in the issue where society always defines them.

Nowadays, people criticize others based on the number of relationships they have been in but girls have been targeted a significant amount of times. If a girl likes the company of men or has been in multiple relationships, she is immediately given harsh names that are too excessive to even be mentioned on here. With males, however, most are praised for “getting women.” So what exactly makes it any different for a girl? This is not always the case but this double standard has grown without this generation being aware of it.

“In class guys are always distracted by my shoulders,” said no one ever. Of course, there are limits to where both guys and girls should follow but as shown in the image below, sometimes there is just unfairness with the way girls dress even outside of school.

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A male student at Maryvale said, “I think that as a guy I feel obligated to pay for the girl because if I don’t then it makes me seem less of a man. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with it but society has made me think this way. Girls can easily pay for themselves too so its just kind of unfair to follow this standard.” Double standards have also had an impact on males but it isn’t as recognized as females. There are many occasions when men feel pressure to do things a certain way because of these standards that society has set for everyone. This social issue isn’t really given as much attention as it should. Many might not know what the exact definition of “double standards” is which is part of the problem in today’s world. When people are aware, however, they only care if they are being targeted.

On a more serious note, abuse has been one controversial subject where if a woman hits a man she isn’t criticized and it is labeled as “defense” while if a man does this, he automatically is labeled as a “violent abuser”, seen as a negative person. At times, women do use violence as defense but there are many cases that men are actually being abused by women but no one takes this in consideration. Why is it that no one cares about the man being hit by a woman? No one really understands the pain he can be going through whether it’s internal or external. A man can most likely handle physical aspect to it but he can be psychologically damaged.

Both men and women deserve equality because of course, this right is given to us as humans. Society plays a big role in trying to control the minds of people and so many have already caught on to these standards. There isn’t really a way to completely solve this issue but if you do your part in trying to treat everyone fairly and identifying everyone as human rather than male or female, strong or weak, we, as a community, can try to reduce it among ourselves.