Ashley Smith, a former Maryvale student who graduated in 2009, tells us about her life after high school. After graduation she studied at ASU, and switched majors several times. Ashley involved in a marching band, choir, and opera. She even went on a mission and learned to speak Spanish. Ashley’s favorite thing about Maryvale was the performing arts, where she was in Marching Band, Color Guard, Be A Leader Club, National Honor Society, Jazz choir, and last but not least, Drama club.

Now, Ashley is finishing her Bachelor of Science in Global and Psychology studies. Looking forward to a Master of Arts in marriage and family therapy. She is working as a lead production supervisor at a call center, traveling, doing lots of genealogy, getting ready to work for an opera, and is engaged. Ashley has also been focusing on her writing and learning several new languages. When asked, what piece of advice she would give current Maryvale students she said, “Never Give Up.” and “You only fail when you don’t try.”