Our art teachers were asked to send in a few pictures of their classes best work. We have a pretty big art department so we could expect to see lots of amazing pieces from our fellow classmates. Over the last few weeks there has been many projects for students to work on, weather its in one of our art classes or one of the ceramics classes

Samantha Adame

Mariela Medina

Amaree Munir

  • This piece was made last year
  • This was made in his first year inn ceramics ( the beginners class)
  • This is his second year , and he is now in the advanced class
  • He used what we call the ” Coil method of construction

Juan Villia

  • He was a senior last year (CO2K16)
  • This his beggining work.

Alex Brown

  • 12th grader
  • He is in art 3-4
  • This is a Value study of fruit, flower, or vegetable.

Kimberly Marmolejo


  • 11th grader
  • This was Using line to create water.
  • She love to take  pictures so he wanted to express that in her painting ( the canon camera)