Avid Club

Avid club is back and its better! This years avid club kicks in with new officers chosen a few weeks ago. Congratulations to those who got elected to get the avid club going! ( Closed club , only those who are in Avid class are more than welcome)

Claudia Robledo (pres)                                Isaiah Whitlock (social coord)

Alondra Trevizo (Vice)                                   Briana Calixto (Historian)

Amy Rodriguez (secretary)                          Jamie Peralta (Treasurer)

Ashley Ornelas and Sebastian Martinez (Chaplains)

For most students who dont know Avid is an elective class that takes place in 8th hour. The purpose of the Avid club is to allow those to interact more with the class and help improve the whole AVID program. This unique club is only open for those students who are already taking avid. The clubs main purpose is to promote not only the whole Avid program around campus but also participation within each different class. The club also supports the students who seek help/aid from others for certain classes. Activities for “Fun Fridays are also organized as well as fun raisers , community service hours and functions for skills such as Organization , leadership , ect.