Many people question makeup, in which why it’s necessary to girls, or why girls feel the need to put on makeup, and when the answer is different in every girls, because they all have different reasons to why they wear it. Makeup is now becoming part of girls’ daily routines, some girls say they just want to put it on and other say because they needed it. Some people think it’s to impress a guy, but in reality it’s not. I went around and ask some girls why they put makeup? The answers I got included “Make up enhancse facial features”, and most of the girl had the similar answer. That is, that it gives them more confidence. In conclusion there are always going to be two views in makeup no matter what, in why they use it or how they see makeup. Most of the girls said they do it for themselves, because it gives them extra confidence boost, and it lets them express themselves through makeup. But the answer I got out of whether or not they think about guy’s say that girl’ only put on makeup to try to impress them, they said, “they just want to make themselves feel better”.