For those of you who who love music concerts we have about 5 music concerts coming up. On October 13th we will have B.O.B with all his best hits and he will be here in Phoenix from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. We also have Iggy Azalea here in Phoenix on October 15th 2 days after the B.O.B concert. We are just gonna be lit here in Phoenix with all this music! Then a little more time in the future, on October 29th we will have the Hip Hop Halloween Concert. This day we will have Tech N9ne with his hits followed by 50 Cent singing his rap music for all you guys and last but not least Trinidad James will be there as well and all I can say is that it will be fire. For you Spanish lovers Luis Coronal will be at the state fair on October 8th. Moving on to November a little bit more ahead but on November 11th we will have none other than Mac Miller in concert. As some people always say when they go to his concerts they stay lit for days. Well those are all the upcoming concerts here in Phoenix,Arizona so I recommend to try them out.