On Sunday night, schools in Phoenix, including Maryvale High School, were being threatened by various accounts on social media. Phoenix police department immediately began to investigate on the case to try and figure out who was making these threats. Maryvale security worked with the police department to keep the school campus safe for the students that attended school the following Monday. Few students attended that day and it was reported that less than 500 students out of 3,000 arrived to school that day so the word did spread around quickly.

Some schools that have been targetted have been Maryvale, North, Betty Fairfax, Bostrom, Carl Hayden, Cesar Chavez, Copper Canyon, Cortez, Sierra Linda and Trevor G. Browne.

We had the chance to speak to an officer from the Phoenix police department and they confirmed that they made three arrests on September 27th, 2016. The threats being made led these three juveniles to face serious charges and consequences. They were charged with a class 4 felony for threatening an educational institution and a class 6 felony for hoax. In cases like this, students are expelled and these charges will not disappear from their record even after turning 18. This might’ve just been a prank but this prank threatened the safety of multiple schools in the Phoenix Union District and it is not something to joke about. These juveniles will also have to pay restitution for the cost of security and investigation.

Phoenix police department suggests that if a student sees a threat whether it’s online or on campus, they must call 911 immediately. If these threats are being made through the internet or messages, it is best for students not to respond to any of these threats. This helps keep students safe and helps the police department investigate.