Terry Villarreal ,a former student who graduated from Maryvale High School in 1999, talks to us a little bit about his life after high school. After he graduated, he attended the University of Washington, earned a Bachelor in Science degree and another Bachelor of Arts degree in biochemistry and chemistry. He then, attended Purdue University to attain his Ph.D. in Analytical, Materials and Organic Chemistry and is currently still attending. Ideally, he would want to start teaching at the University of Washington once he is finished with his Ph.D. program.

Throughout his 4 years at Maryvale, Terry explains how he will never forget the friends he made and the faculty members who worked at Maryvale. He might not remember much about his experience but he definitely acknowledges the fact that the people were the ones who made the school great. Not only was he in the school’s marching and concert band, but he was also involved in athletics and played football for one year.

We asked Terry if he could give Maryvale students a piece of advice and he said, “Even though people associate MHS & the surrounding neighborhood with negative connotations, doesn’t mean that it has to define you and your life. Whatever you want to do with your future, from joining the military, to attending college, to learning a trade, never let your current situation define your tomorrow. A saying I learned from football that has helped steer me is this, “Ability determines what you can do; motivation determines what you do; attitude determines how well you do it.” Attitude is everything, so if you want to change the world, you just need to work hard for what you want and never settle.”



Ana Mungarro, former Maryvale student from class of 2011, also takes her time to let us know a  little bit about herself after high school. This former panther continued her education by attending college to obtain her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in business. Now she is working for RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) where she manages companies that are out of state. These companies are located in places like Columbus, OH and Arlington, IL. She’s been working for this company for 4 years and counting. This comes to demonstrate how successful Maryvale panthers can be. The capability that these former students have is very inspiring to many students that currently attend Maryvale.

Ana’s favorite part about Maryvale were the teachers, students, & admin who, in her opinion, were all amazing people. She loved being at school and would spend around 10 hours of her day at school but it was something she actually enjoyed. Some of the extra-curricular activities she was involved in included touring guitar and choir. These programs do take lots of time but Ana remarks on how these clubs gave her the opportunity to meet people and travel to places that she never thought she would visit.

We asked for some piece of advice to current Maryvale students and she gave us the following wise words: “Times may be hard, and all doors may not be open but that is momentary. In high school you are not supposed to have everything figured out, just do your best and you will get there. Don’t spend your time worrying about what could happen, work for it instead.”