Homecoming, a time where school spirit is reawakened and highly encouraged by both students and the staff. Our Student Government has generated yet another fun, and exciting theme for our annual Homecoming: magic. Not just any magic, but the magical world of all things Disney. The week starts Monday, tomorrow, and comes to a conclusion with Saturday’s dance at 7:00 p.m.


Spirit Week

The magical week is kicked off with College Day. Come to school and celebrate any college by wearing its colors. Following Monday’s College Day is Tuesday’s Disney Dressup. Dazzle and entertain your fellow classmates by dressing up as your favorite Disney character. Pick from characters ranging from older films to the newest ones, e.g. Peter Pan to Frozen. Wednesday is Lilo & Stitch‘s Luau, which means Hawaiian wear. Show up in your best flower designed clothing and a pair of flip-flops. Saddle up, grab your western boots, and tip your cowboy hat because Thursday is Woody’s Western Roundup. Complete your Western outfit with a pair of knee-ripped jeans and a plain T-shirt with a leather vest. Last but not least, Friday is Crazy Black and Gold. Wear your darkest black and your brightest gold to school and support our Maryvale’s Football team as they go up against Carl Hayden.



Student Government has also incorporated several different activities at lunch throughout the week. Tomorrow, during both lunches, a basketball obstacle course will be created. On Wednesday, there will be a ring toss, involving rubber ducks and a pool. At the end of the week, a dance battle will be held and students will compete to determine who the best dancer is. Events such as these are created to strive for unity between students and the staff on campus.


Door Decor

Even the halls are coming to life to participate in this magical week! Each building will have a distinct theme or two. For the 100 building the theme is Cars, while the 200 building is 101 Dalmatian themed. Doors in the 300 building will be Finding Nemo, the 400 building is Alice in Wonderland, the 500 building is Mickey Mouse Club House, leaving the 600 building with an Up theme. The 700 building is divided with doors 700-734 will have a Disney Princess motif, and 740-769 is Toy Story. In the 800 building, it’s the Incredibles, and the 900 building is the Lion King. Display your school spirit by decorating your classroom’s door accordingly.


Evening Events

On Friday, the Homecoming assembly will be held on the football field in two waves of students. Shortly after the end of school is a pre-game tailgate from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Quad. Entertainment as well as music will be provided during this event. Just before the Varsity Football game at 7, a 6:45 parade will start and last for an approximate fifteen minutes. Saturday will be the official Homecoming Dance at 7:00 in the Main Gym. Ticket prices will start at $15 per person, and $20 per couple; they will be sold at the bookstore. The price goes up $5 at the door. The dress code is semi-formal, however heels and stilettos are banned. Bring your dates and have a great time! There is a competition for free tickets. Any couple with the best proposal will be awarded a pair of free tickets, use #MVHSHOCO2K16 to enter the contest. Best of luck, Panthers, and enjoy your Homecoming Week!