Destiny was a big hit on its release date back in September 9,2014 and there are plenty of updates,bug fixes, patches for glitches,and 3 other DLC. And now on September 20,2016 they are releasing another DLC by the name of The Rise of Iron.This DlC features a new raid,strike,crucible map and game mode,exotics,,and new sets of iron banner and trials gear.The Rise Of Iron is about the journey into a area in the Cosmodrone called The Plague Lands it has been quarantine for centuries.The Devil Splicers have broken in and dug into the earth and found a technology of limitless power named SIVA they are using this power to morph their bodies for their own needs.So to stop them you and Lord Saladin go on a journey to stop the fallen from taking over the Cosmodrone.