Traveling since early 2000, touring guitar is constantly expanding its national music reach each year. In preparation for the 2016 tour, twenty-six students whom are involved in the extracurricular ninth hour dedicate at least seven hours a week for practice. This year’s tour is scheduled to take place at several different locations, including a February tour to the Hawaii Music Educator’s Convention in Oahu. These tours are scheduled one to three years in advance, which means the 2019 tour has already been booked for both England and France because their performances are in great demand! Annual holiday dinners—a catered meal with student performers—, the diligence of the students, and donors who support the program are responsible for touring guitar’s continuation.


If you are interested in joining Mr. Yancey’s ninth period, the two requirements are: the completion of beginning guitar, and an interview by the teacher coupled with the current touring guitar students. The cost of participation is mitigated with a student discount. This discount entails perfect attendance, and a grade of B or higher every nine weeks in all classes. From the various fundraising activities, money is never a reason a student shouldn’t join. Mr. Yancey’s advice to any student who wishes to join is: “Do not fall behind. Get ahead. Have a great work ethic and attitude.”


Hard at work, Mr. Yancey's third period beginning guitar

Hard at work, Mr. Yancey’s third period beginning guitar