As quoted by Velvet Paper, “Fashion is art and you are the canvas” and only through art can one truly express themselves. Since the early ages, fashion has played an important role by allowing people to demonstrate their creativity and represent their culture. Whether it’s trying to get your crush’s attention or simply for the love of fashion, people have used their image to portray a statement. Although fashion is demonstrated by adults in the modeling industry, teenagers are the ones who mostly focus on their appearance in their everyday life.

One great example of a fashion community is Maryvale High School where diversity strives among the students. As shown in the gallery below, many students on campus share their unique styles to impress other students with their trends.

Special thanks to Miguel Haro for contributing to this article.


The Boy Next Door

Kevin Dominguez never fails to impress with his cool, preppy style. This “boy next door” styles a green button up from H&M with jeans and white Vans. He tops off his look with his Banana Republic backpack that gives him that schoolboy style. He says, “Dressing is a fun way to express myself.”

Modern Grunge

There’s many ways to style a graphic tee and Jennifer Gonzalez does a good job in making her outfit pop. Along with her “Guns N’ Roses” t-shirt, she wears an American Apparel denim skirt to make the outfit a bit girly but still edgy. She gives off a grunge vibe which has been very stylish in the Maryvale campus.

Simplicity is Key

Keeping it simple, Richard Erxleben, still grabs attention with his style by pairing black jeans with a simple pink t-shirt. He doesn’t overdress, but instead keeps it casual and does a pretty good job at looking trendy. Super simple but casually a charm.

90's Comeback

Junior, Brittney Botello, brings back the 90’s trend with a pair of cute high-waisted shorts, an “Arizona” t-shirt and Converse which tie the look all together. This fashionista brings vintage to a whole new modern era.

Keeping It Classy

Sophomore, Alex Villa, says, “My life is coordinated like my wardrobe” so can you tell with this outfit? He wears a Calvin Klein shirt and pairs it with jeans from Aeropostle and ties his classiness with a Guess watch. This trendy look really made a statement and is definitely a fashion fave.

Choker Trend

Anett Rubio, a sophomore, rocks the new choker trend with a basic white tee and button up denim skirt. The 90’s have really came back to the Maryvale campus where more and more of that era’s trends are worn by many now in the twenty-tens!